Grrrrrrr Arrrggghhh!!

We know its going to happen, we dont know when, we dont know where, we dont know who, but we’d better get our shit together for when it does.

And while were waiting we can also have some fun, come up with interesting Z-theories to pass the time, play Zombie Top Trumps, take part in Z-Fest, have a drink.

From being watched over by a poster of Eddie the Ed as a child I’ve always had a fascination with Zeds, not necessarily from the scary side of things, but their ability to beat death, to not being scared of anything, something we have all thought about at various times.

This site is the forerunner,the research testing ground, for the book of the same name. A place to bring together like minded individuals to work out a plan, identify our enemies and where they might come from, and perhaps create a better now thought the process.

Everyone is welcome here, the only proviso is that you contribute in some way, whether in the discussion forums, stories, theories, money, whatever. The only lurkers we allow are of the undead variety.

Zombies Forever!